What is an induction?

Getting to know your dog and creating great first impressions means everything to us! So it is important to us to create a structured environment for your dog's first day care experience. A short two hour session which is long enough for your dog to find their feet within the group and for us to ensure that they will be a safe new addition to our gang.

Please note: We do currently have a waiting list for inductions so please be patient when awaiting your invitation.

With safety being our number one concern when it comes to keeping our guests entertained within a group setting, we need to ensure all temperaments are well rounded, non-aggressive and there are no unwanted harassing behaviours shown by new participants, which may lead to conflict of existing four-legged users.


Our success has been built by the regular users of our service, and we make it our duty to safeguard their happiness, to ensure their loyalty and future use of our services, in the same way that we hope all new users will appreciate for many years to come.

How is an induction run?

We ask that you arrive on time to your dogs induction to ensure no time is lost from the induction itself, you will need to scan a copy of your dogs up-to date vaccination records onto your secure online portal. For the first 10 minutes a member of the team will give you a tour of the site, and show you over the top into the day care facility. This is a great chance to ask questions about how we run our day care and get to know who will be looking after your dog for the day. We time inductions and tours to set times of the day to minimise disruption to our group.

What happens in an induction?

Using the details that you have provided during the online registration process we will assess good matches for play mates for your dog to slowly introduce once they enter into the social space. The team will then monitor your dogs progression, whilst developing a bond with them to ensure all interactions are positive and that they get chance to relax into their new environment. First encounters are always the hardest so try to minimise your own anxieties as these can and do rub off onto our four-legged friends.

What happens if I'm on holiday and can't complete an induction?

If you are looking to use our services during time away from home on holiday then the induction is included in the first day booking fee. We limit the spaces for new dogs joining our group to ensure we reduce disruption. This does however mean that if your dog fails their induction a collection will need to be arranged at the soonest convenience.

What is being considered during an induction?

The key things we look for when introducing your dog into the group are the smaller signals your dog gives off when meeting new friends, to their style of play and their level to understand the signals from who they are playing with, to their responsiveness to members of the team.


Once your dog becomes part of the enrolled group these are pointers that are constantly being measured and watched by our team to ensure a happy and harmonious group setting.

What happens on collection?

Please arrive on time for your collection, if you arrive early you are more than welcome to browse our Natural Pet Shop whilst you wait, just allow the member of the team on reception know that you have come to collect your dog, giving your dogs name as reference.

A member of the induction team will then bring your dog back to you and give you full feedback on how the induction has gone, from this point we will be able to agree future use and the pricing that we can offer your dog to provide the right level of care, suitable for their individual needs. 

If your dog has been slightly more reserved we might recommend building sessions prior to booking a full day to ensure that they have the best possible start in what can be for some dogs a daunting experience.

Once you receive confirmation on your enrollment you are then free to use the booking system to request your bookings and future service needs. Due to the busy nature of our reception we do prefer all users to become familiar with our online booking software however, should you have an difficulties a member of the team can run through how to use the booking platform effectively.