Frequently asked questions


Can I make booking amendments?

Please give as much advance warning for booking amendments to help us in coordinating the dogs day. As we are not always able to faciliate changes.

What happens if I need to cancel a booking?

Due to limited availability all bookings are non-refundable, so please ensure when booking you are certain in your need for care. For more information please see our terms and conditions.

What happens if I am late to collect my dog?

Please ensure you allow adequate time to collect your dog before closing, otherwise an automatic £10 late collection fee will be added to your bill for every half an hour used. For repeat offenders of late collection future service may be cancelled. Should you fail to collect your dog on time, they will be taken to our boarding facility to await your collection, to retrieve your dog please park in front of our entrance gate, call the on duty member of staff who’s number will be on the gate and wait for a member of the team to return your dog. Should you be running late to collect your dog during the day and be booked on a hour basis the rate will continue till you collect.

Can I book on the day?

Should you decide to make a last minute on the day booking or within 48 hours of arrival, and there is availability and your dog is a regular user of the service there will be a on the day administration fee of £2, and should a staff member make your booking over the phone another £2 will be charged for administration.

Please where possible please allow 48 hours for bookings to be processed and for ease please book online.

A Day in Day Care

Will my dog get chance to rest?

Much like a childs nursery we run the day care to a schedule, which starts with a warm up, a session of play followed by a rest break and enrichment. This schedule allows the group to exercise and rest throughout the day. Rests are adapted for dogs age, ability and frequency of sessions during a single week.

What happens if my dog becomes ill during day care?

Should we have any concerns you will be contacted, should it be necessary and you are uncontactable we will take your dog to be examined by our local veterinarian. Like children in a playground and due to the free roam environment bumps and strains are to be expected, especially if you have a bouncy four-legged friend.

Do you use crates and cages?

As part of our licensing in event of an emergency we have crates on stand by to create confinement areas, crates are also used to aid dogs who find it hard to rest, or if they have sustained a sprain or injury if it is felt necessary, along with being accessible for those dogs that are crate trained to eat meals. They are used as a tool when appropriate and not as a means to hold dogs for long periods of time.

How is the day run?

Mornings start early here so we warm up into the day slowly, it is important that all dogs that come to play stretch before playtime, dogs are paired into play groups depending on their age and play style before commencing morning playtime. Late morning the dogs start their rest break, supervised by the team (with a pack mentality rest is actually a group activity with the older members of the group leading the way, and the younger, higher energy dogs following the group into bedding down and relaxing.) The afternoon is much the same as the morning, there is a slow warm up of group walking, followed by playing and enrichment activities. Late afternoon brings another rest break, preparing all for going home.

Will my dog always be in with other dogs?

As long as your dog has proven itself during its induction process and proves no risk to other dogs your dog will be in with all the other dogs on a daily basis, much like children playing in a playground. The only times your dog would be removed from the group would be the following reasons:

  • Lethargy – Acting out of character and in need of monitoring
  • Injury – Should your dog become lame with a sprain and need resting
  • In appropriate / heightened behaviour – Might require supervised time out
  • Aggressive behaviour – Should a dog display aggressive traits your dog will be removed from the group and you will be contacted to collect at the earliest convenience.

Do you bath dogs before they leave?

We will clean dogs down as much as we can prior to leaving, should you request that they are completely clean please book a wash and fluff dry.

Prices for this service start at £15, and need advance notice.

What happens if my dog doesn’t get on with another dog?

Our team work hard on supervising all interactions that dogs encounter during day care, however should your dog not interact positively towards others their participation at Doggy Day Care Cornwall will be cancelled. We operate a zero tolerance policy when it comes to aggressive behaviour, to ensure we keep a safe environment for all guests and staff.

Read more on what we consider inappropriate behaviour here.

What happens when it rains or is too cold for my dog to be outside?

Rainy days do happen, and we work around the rain, with shorter bursts of play followed by indoor enrichment and longer breaks. As a team we balance comfort for the humans as well as our doggy guests, so be assured when we say we have wet play covered!


Can my puppy come to day care?

Puppies are welcome to attend day care as long as they are upto date with all vaccinations. We recommend use from 4 months and over.

Do I need a to register?

Doggy Day Care is a heavily regulated industry and licensed by local authorities, much like you would expect from childrens nursuries. As part of our licensing requirement it is mandatory that all dogs that attend day care are registered and all relevent information required completed on our booking system, and vaccinations are upto date.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

As part of the licensing requirement for us to run our day care it is mandatory that all dogs that attend day care are fully vaccinated. We also highly recommend all dogs to have the Kennel Cough vaccination, which is not a mandatory requiremnt by Cornwall Council however, due to the high traffic of dogs using our facility we feel it something that responsble owners should consider.

What is an induction?

As part of our enrollment process and for the safety of all attendees we require all dogs that attend our day care to complete a two hour taster session. To understand the whole process of what an induction is please read more on our Induction Page Here.

If we are on holiday is it necessary to register?

Without a completed registration and proof of current vaccinations we cannot comply with our local authority's licensing requirement, it is also very important for us to understand as much about your dog as possible prior to them arriving at day care. Day Care is a very heavily licensed industry much like a childrens nursury.

Does my dog need a Kennel Cough vaccination?

We operate a social environment where dogs mix and socialise on a daily basis and for best practice we recommend that all dogs are given an annual top up of the Kennel Cough vaccine to lessen the effects in the event that your dog comes into contact with it. This is not a licensing requirement, however it is something that we strongly advise on, and leave the responsibility to you.

Does my dog need to be insured?

From working in the vets Jordan experienced first hand the difference that having insurance can have in aiding your dog at times of need, whilst making difficult decisions much easier to make. That coupled with the risks that day care can pose, much like children playing in the playground, the chances of your dog encountering bumps and grazes is much increased.


How old does my puppy have to be?

We recommend usage from 4 months and over, your puppy will need to have proof of complete and upto vaccinations.

Will my puppy be with other puppies?

We have a great gang of puppies enrolled at Doggy Day Care Cornwall, that you puppy will learn, grow and play with, you will also become very familiar with your puppy's friends names at going home time! Expect for them to recognise one another when out and about on the beach!

Will my puppy be with bigger dogs?

We treat every dog and puppy as an individual, and as they all grow at different rates and depending on their breed we monitor and evaluate their suitability to move their way up and through the pack, to ensure that their needs are met with the right levels of stimulation and entertainment whilst always remaining safe!

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