Doggy Day Care Cornwall Expands

As some of you might already know, back in May we expanded next door, into the former Greenacres golf course, and the dogs and staff are in love with the new space! Not only has our facility grown, but our team of highly experienced staff has had some new additions, including Jess and Minna, who have backgrounds working in zoos and children’s nurseries.


The new range of terrains on offer to our daily dog day care and home boarding members now includes; a forest, perfect for treat hunts and scent training, open grasslands, ideal for trying out our agility kit, and sandpits, for digging, rolling and hiding toys in.

Here at Doggy Day Care Cornwall, we run lots of activities and games throughout the day for your dog to enjoy, so they’re calm, content and happy once they return home. Engaging your dog in different physical and mental activities in the day helps your pooch feel fulfilled and satisfied. Every dog is different, so we tailor each day to what your dog loves! We do anything from fetch, to our practicing on the agility course. We ensure to keep all engaged mentally too, with different interactive toys and games. One of our favourites is utilising the KONG Classic, where you can hide treats or snacks in the toy for the pups to find. These puzzles help keep your dog mentally engaged and stimulated.


Along with the extension, we have since opened our onsite shop – Natural Cornish Pet. Here, you can pick up all your favourite essentials for your cats and dogs; toys and all types of natural food and treats. You will also find some of our favourite interactive day care toys which include the KONG Jump’n’Jack and the Chuckit! Erratic Ball. We use all these products in our dog day care, so they’re tried, tested, and loved! We also have our Natural Cornish Pet website up and running, where you can see our full range.

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