Inappropriate Behaviours

Daycare is not suitable for all dogs. Prior to being enrolled, your pooch will need to complete a two hour induction to check that they are going to feel comfortable when they are with us, for their sake as well as our other day care guests and staff. 

​We will never take a dog into our services if we feel they pose any kind of risk to people or other dogs. Although these risks are always present within a group of dogs, we do everything possible to reduce this.


Our entrance policy is strict and we refuse to accept any dogs that show signs of inappropriate behaviour, and may dismiss any dogs showing signs of aggression from day care immediately, no matter how long they have been attending.

What do we consider 'Inappropriate Behaviours'?
  • Aggression towards humans

  • Aggression towards other dogs

  • Resource guarding

  • Pestering or obsessively targeting other dogs

  • Aggressive herding

  • Dominant behaviours

  • Excessive barking

  • Mounting other dogs