Where it all began

From small acorns big trees grow...

Established in 2014 by Jordan and Katy, Doggy Day Care Cornwall has become one of the UK's most recognised day cares, leading with both innovation and ethos.


Expanding in 2018 to create the business you find today, the couple created a custom built specialist day care centre over a 13 acre former golf course, and in doing so grew their community of friends dedicated to creating happy, healthy, social hounds. 

This lead on to the creation of the duo's now national natural pet food brand The Natural Cornish Pet Shop and own holistic pet food brand Aflora Grain Free, featured in MyCornwall, Cornwall Living and GQ Magazine.

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A History

Est. 2014

Licensed by Cornwall Council
Launched Natural Cornish Pet Treats


Adopted Flora & Grace, our doggy muses!




We focused our energies in filling a demand for affordable, high quality grain free dry dog food, and Aflora was born. Join us in building upon our affordable grain free revolution. Making great nutrition for four-legged friends affordable, accessible and Aflora.

Launched Raw Dog Food Cornwall


Expanded to 13 Acre New Facility


Natural Cornish Pet Shop


Our range is personally selected through our knowledge built from our dog day care service and experience as pet owners in how to nourish naturally, along with the proven benefits that we witness on a daily basis.

Since starting we have helped a multitude of four-legged friends in aiding their lifestyle with natural diets and supplements leading to happier, longer lives. Building relationships from feedback and helping with feeding plans on an individual level, once again treating each animal as a unique being.


When it comes to what we eat, we’re all too aware of the damages a diet of high salt, high sugar and high saturated fats can do to our bodies.


Ansum’ Dinners That’ll Set Tails Wagging

There’s nothing quite like it for dog lovers in Cornwall – a “village” that’s almost like a theme park for pooches is bow wow wowing pet owners and their four-legged friends across the county.

Doggy Day Care is a ‘village’ in Cornwall

5* Licensed By Cornwall Council's by New Standards


Launched Aflora Grain Free


Natural Cornish Pet expands online presence during Covid19 Pandemic


Supporting the work of NHS and key workers by caring for their four-legged


Natural Pet Wholesale -
sharing our own brand of  Natural Treats to pet friendly businesses nationally.