The Biggest Cause of Injuries in Dogs.

Doggy Day Care Cornwall's blog: the biggest cause of injuries to dogs.

If you were watching this year’s Crufts you may have caught a very interesting segment with Channel 4’s Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick and veterinary surgeon Nick Blayney where they discussed the ‘biggest single cause of injury in dogs’.

Noel explained that lack of exercise is actually THE biggest cause of injuries in dogs. Dogs are naturally athletic creatures and just like human athletes they need to be conditioned and trained. Often owners do not realise the effects of only exercising your dog on the weekend; not only can a dog gain weight and suffer from weight-related diseases but they are also more susceptible to muscle tears and strains because their muscles are not being conditioned on a daily basis. Most dogs need a good walk everyday – not just on a Saturday or Sunday, regardless of whether or not they are at a healthy weight.

As well as building up a dog’s fitness, just like humans, it’s a good idea for dogs to warm up properly before starting any vigorous exercise. This can be as simple as walking at a slow to moderate pace for five minutes before allowing your dog to run or play fetch. Don’t forget to take your pet’s current physical fitness into account; older or unfit dogs will need to take everything slower. Pushing an unfit dog too hard can also result in injury. If in doubt, talk to your vet first. You can find more information about exercise related dog injuries and how to properly warm up your dog over on Whole Dog Journal.

Here at Doggy Day Care Cornwall we have a warm up programme. All dogs that partake in vigorous exercise complete our warm up programme prior to doing so, to ensure their muscles are warmed and ready. We also see a noticeable improvement in the fitness of dog’s that are regularly coming to day care. Often busy dog owners find they lack the time or energy for the length and pace of walk required to properly exercise their dog. With our team of dog care professionals, we can invest the time and energy into your dog, to make sure it’s happy, exercised and stimulated. This in turn tends to result in an improvement in a dog’s behaviour, because a tired dog is a well behaved dog.

If you missed the show you can catch up here; the segment on exercise starts 30 minutes in. If you think your dog isn’t getting enough exercise during the week why not try enrolling them into dog day care? Our new membership plan now means the more you use us the less you pay. You can register here to arrange a visit of our facilities.

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