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Creating a Healthy Routine for Your Puppy

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Building a stable routine for your puppy makes life so much easier Without a routine or schedule for your puppy, things can get overwhelming fairly quickly – when was the last time she went to the toilet? When will she be sleepy enough for me to go shopping? When was she last fed? This can […]

How To Introduce The New Puppy To Your Older Dog

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It’s hard to know what to expect when you’re introducing your new puppy to the older dog in your family… You might be worried about your adult dog adjusting, or how the little one will take to the dominant presence. But there are plenty of ways to prepare and make sure their first weeks together […]

Pros and Cons of Crate Training Your Puppy

Doggy Day Care Cornwall - Dog Sitting Penzance

Is crate training the right thing for you? During your preparation for bringing your puppy home, you might be deciding on whether or not to start crate training from the beginning. With a brand new puppy it can be a difficult choice, so we’ve outlined the pros and cons below: But first… What is crate […]

Puppy Walking: a Beginner’s Guide

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Just like training your pet to obey simple commands, taking your puppy walking early in their life will make them easier to control once they’re fully grown. It’s also beneficial to their physical and mental wellbeing; exercise and socialising are perfect skills to practice straight away, setting your pet up for a healthy and fulfilled […]

Dog Boarding Cornwall: Regulations Part 2

Doggy Day Care Cornwall - Dog Boarding Penzance

In our last blog about home dog boarding regulations, we looked at dangerous dogs and dogs in season. If you’re currently searching for a good dog boarding home or if you’re unsure about the one you’re currently using, keep on reading for more crucial rules that all reputable facilities must comply with by law. Staff […]

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