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Did You Know Dog Day Care Facilities Now Need a Licence?

Doggy Day Care Cornwall

Cornwall Council is now advising day care owners in Cornwall that they need to have a licence to provide the service. Previously it was only necessary to licence boarding kennels, catteries or home boarding premises under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963. Due to the recent surge in dog day care facilities, it has now […]

Securing The Garden For Your New Dog or Puppy

Doggy Day Care Cornwall - Dog Day Care St Ives

We’ve written before about how to puppy proof your home, but what about securing the garden? All the smells and exciting plants around your garden can seem like an adventure for your new puppy, but it’s important that he stays safe and secure whilst exploring. Here are some tips for making sure your garden is puppy […]

How to Tell if Your Dog is Overheating and What To Do

Doggy Day Care Cornwall - Dog Day Care Truro

As it reaches the heat of Summer in Cornwall, it’s more important than ever to keep your dog safe from overheating. Dogs rely on panting to keep themselves cool, and don’t sweat like humans do, meaning that it’s easy for them to overheat during hot weather. Keeping your dog cool during Summer is crucial, as […]

Creating a Healthy Routine for Your Puppy

Doggy Day Care Cornwall - Dog Day Care Truro

Building a stable routine for your puppy makes life so much easier Without a routine or schedule for your puppy, things can get overwhelming fairly quickly – when was the last time she went to the toilet? When will she be sleepy enough for me to go shopping? When was she last fed? This can […]

Tips for Photographing Your Dog

Doggy Day Care Cornwall - Dog Sitting St Ives

Unless your dog is extremely well-trained, it’s nearly impossible to get them to pose for the camera! Photographing your dog therefore relies on a few extra skills on your part to be able to capture the perfect picture of your pooch. Anna from Cornwall Pet Photography discusses her top tips for getting great photos of your […]

Puppy Training 4: Practicing Recall

Doggy Day Care Cornwall - Dog Sitting Penzance

Recall is one of the hardest yet most important commands to teach your puppy. It can take months of practice until your pup is fully recall trained, and some breeds are easier to train than others. The key in teaching recall (or the ‘come’ command) is to set your dog up for success from the […]

How To Introduce The New Puppy To Your Older Dog

Doggy Day Care Cornwall - Dog Sitting Penzance

It’s hard to know what to expect when you’re introducing your new puppy to the older dog in your family… You might be worried about your adult dog adjusting, or how the little one will take to the dominant presence. But there are plenty of ways to prepare and make sure their first weeks together […]

Dog Friendly Places to Stay in Cornwall

Doggy Day Care Cornwall - Dog Sitting Penzance

Holidaying in Cornwall? Here are our top dog-friendly places to stay! If you’re interested in visiting one of the most beautiful areas of the UK for your holiday and plan to bring the dogs with you, take a look at these pooch-loving places to stay: The Scarlet Hotel, Mawgan Porth This luxury eco hotel in […]

The Benefits of Puppy Socialisation

Doggy Day Care Cornwall - Dog Day Care St Ives

Why socialisation is the most important step for your new puppy… As soon as your puppy is safely vaccinated and able to explore the outside world, it’s time to get him socialised. This means not only introducing him to new dogs and people regularly, but also encouraging him to have a range of different experiences […]

Poisonous Plants to Keep Away From Your Dog

Doggy Day Care Cornwall - Dog Day Care Truro

Keep your pup safe from these harmful plants! We all know how much our dogs love to snack on things they shouldn’t, but there are a number of food items and plants that could cause a real problem if your pup gets hold of them. Never let your dog eat any plant you’re unsure of, […]

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