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Did You Know Dog Day Care Facilities Now Need a Licence?

Doggy Day Care Cornwall

Cornwall Council is now advising day care owners in Cornwall that they need to have a licence to provide the service. Previously it was only necessary to licence boarding kennels, catteries or home boarding premises under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963. Due to the recent surge in dog day care facilities, it has now […]

Dog Illness Symptoms: Breathing Troubles & Vomiting

Doggy Day Care Cornwall - Dog Day Care Camborne

Dogs can’t tell you how they feel. The best they can do is whimper and gaze with mournful eyes. We humans are prone to exaggeration and listing our symptoms for a little sympathy but all pooches can do is feel sorry for themselves and try to outwait the pain. That’s why one of the responsibilities […]

Top 5 Cornwall Dog Walking Spots

Doggy Day Care Cornwall - Dog Boarding Penzance

Are you looking for somewhere new to take your dog walking in Cornwall?  Do you fancy a good excuse to visit one of Cornwall’s lovely beaches? Or how about a woodland stroll instead? Many of Cornwall’s most picturesque places are also dog-friendly, so there’s no need to walk the same old routes you follow every […]

Puppy Walking: a Beginner’s Guide

Doggy Day Care Cornwall - Dog Boarding Penzance

Just like training your pet to obey simple commands, taking your puppy walking early in their life will make them easier to control once they’re fully grown. It’s also beneficial to their physical and mental wellbeing; exercise and socialising are perfect skills to practice straight away, setting your pet up for a healthy and fulfilled […]

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