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Dog Walking Guide: Stop Pulling that Lead!

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Walking your dog every day is essential to their health. Your pooch is always bound to savour every precious second of their much-anticipated walkies, but sometimes the daily plod can feel more like a chore than a pleasure. The best way to make your dog walking time pleasurable for both of you is to ensure […]

Dog Walking Guide: Variety, Respect, Training

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In part one of our dog walking guide, we looked at what kinds of lead to use, (too much) information about dog poop and the dangers of toxic lawns. Walking with your dog is one of the main activities you’ll share together and a crucial bonding time. Unless your four-legged friend regularly visits a good dog […]

Dog Walking Guide: Leads, Poop, Grass

Doggy Day Care Cornwall - Dog Boarding Camborne

Everybody knows that dogs need daily exercise and taking your pooch for a stroll is a great way for both of you to stay fit. If you’re a new dog owner taking your pup for a walk might seem as simple as strapping on a lead and plodding off to Tesco. There’s nothing wrong with […]

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