How We Keep Your Dog Safe

Doggy Day Care Cornwall - How We Keep Your Dog Safe

Dog safety is a top priority here at Doggy Day Care Cornwall and everything about our specialist facility is designed to keep your dog safe and happy.

Unlike traditional dog walkers there is a very thorough vetting process for every single potential day care and home boarding candidate here at Doggy Day Care Cornwall. Starting with our initial online or over the phone assessment where we get to know more about each and every dog; including their medical history, behavioural issues and how they socialise with other dogs.

Once we feel we’ve learnt more about your dog and you are happy to proceed, we arrange a visit to the facilities where a member of our staff will show each candidate and their family around Doggy Day Care Cornwall, whilst assessing your dog’s behaviour. We’ll analyse how they cope with their new environment and meeting new doggies and people.

We’re happy to accept nervous or shy dogs, but do not tolerate dogs with aggressive tendencies, or with a history of biting other dogs or humans. Any dogs which we feel poses a threat to Doggy Day Care Cornwall guests or staff will unfortunately not be enrolled into day care or home boarding.

On a dog’s first day at Doggy Day Care Cornwall we’ll make sure to invest time into introducing them to the gang carefully and responsibly, keeping a watchful eye on how they’re getting on. All of our guests are under constant supervision by experienced dog care professionals who will not only entertain your dog and keep them happy but will make sure they stay safe and fulfilled throughout their stay.

We have both indoor and outdoor space all under one facility, so there is no need to take your pet between facilities, and expose them to external risks such as; cars, roads, or cliffs. There is a multitude of indoor areas including the day room, lounge and doggy guest bedrooms, allowing plenty of space for all guests. Providing the perfect solution for puppies, older dogs and anxious dogs as they can find their own quiet spot from time-to-time.

Our outdoor play area has a 2.4 metre high fence with a double-gated entrance and exit completely securing the entire facility. There are no loose surfaces throughout the facility (such as gravel or wood chips) to prevent the risk of dogs choking or ingesting foreign objects. The secure nature of this specialist facility means there are no external threats from variables such as cars, traffic, children and other dogs and there are no children on site. Please note during visits and assessments at the facilities we do not accept family members under the age of 18 on to the premises, due to health and safety.

As we’ve hopefully shown, we take the safety of each and every dog at Doggy Day Care Cornwall seriously and do everything in our power to look after the welfare of our guests. Don’t just take our word for it, why not register online to arrange a tour of our facilities so you can see for yourself?

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