Dog Day Care and Dog Sitting – What do they mean?

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What is the best dog care option for your dog: dog day care, home dog boarding or dog sitting in Cornwall?

With more dog care options on the market than ever before and a plethora of options now available, owners often find themselves asking  “what do I chose?”. What is dog day care, dog sitting Cornwall or home dog boarding and which is the best option for your dog? We’re going to explain how to they work, to help you make the right choice for your dog.

Dog Sitting in Cornwall

Dog sitting is a popular dog care option that’s been around for a long time. It often involves your pet staying in someone’s own home with their family and will usually require external walks. It’s a great option for those who have family or friends or are experienced in dog care and able to spend the time needed to properly care for your pet. Cornwall dog sitting may also be a good choice for anxious dogs who would not be suited to group play. There are many professionals who will offer this service, often from their own home. The benefits include a cosy home environment that can help to ease initial anxiety your pet may having going somewhere new. Relying on friends and family can be problematic, and it may lead to your dog being left home alone for certain periods whilst whomever is looking after your dog is working or socialising. External walks can also add additional risks, depending on the area, and how many dogs are being walked at a time.

Dog Day Care in Cornwall

Dog day care is a relatively new concept that has dramatically risen in popularity in the past couple of years. Usually dog day care will take place at a specialist facility, and often has a secure and enclosed area for dogs to exercise in. This reduces the risks compared to external walking. It’s best suited to social dogs, as dog day care guests will usually be around other dogs, but it will also be lots of fun for those who love to make new friends. Dog day care works a lot like a children’s nursery; guests are dropped off each day, and spend their time learning, playing and making friends and are then picked up again at the end of the day. The best dog day care facilities will have a good ratio of staff to dogs and always make sure their guests are under constant supervision. Dogs will provided with plenty of toys and space to roam, and should be worn out at the end of the day. Most dogs who spend at least two hours in dog day care will not need to be walked that day. Here at Doggy Day Care Cornwall is dog is carefully assessed to compatibility with the pack, to ensure a safe and happy day for your dog.

Home Dog Boarding in Cornwall

Home dog boarding is a popular alternative to kennels, where doggy guests will stay in the home of professional dog boarders as part of the family. As with dog sitting, home dog boarding provides a cosy home-from-home experience which helps to reduce any anxiety dogs may experience. Unlike kennels, in most facilities your dog is under constant supervision and provided with plenty of opportunity to exercise and have fun.

Making the right dog care choice for your pet is an important decision. Once you’re armed with the knowledge of how each of these options works, try to assess your own dog’s behaviour to see which is right for them. If your dog is a social butterfly and loves to make doggy friends dog day care is a great option. Why not register your dog to enrol in Doggy Day Care Cornwall?




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