Did You Know Dog Day Care Facilities Now Need a Licence?

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Cornwall Council is now advising day care owners in Cornwall that they need to have a licence to provide the service. Previously it was only necessary to licence boarding kennels, catteries or home boarding premises under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963.

Due to the recent surge in dog day care facilities, it has now been confirmed that anyone providing daily dog care is required to have a licence as well. This includes dog sitters and walkers.

The requirements for running a dog day care business include; an assessment of the compatibility of the dogs by whomever is running the facility, the appropriateness of the size, structure and layout of the premises and the number of staff available for supervision. The number of dogs permitted at a premises will be based on the criteria set out in the legislation. The Licensing Enforcement Officer, who will make a decision about the number of dogs permitted, will inspect each facility individually.

This is great news for dog owners who use day care. When using a licensed and insured facilities, owners will know that the day care they choose meets this criteria and follows important regulations such as; an appropriate staff to dog ratio to ensure correct supervision.

If you’re unsure whether the dog day care you’re using, or might potentially use, is licensed all you have to do is phone up your local council to check. They will be able to confirm whether the facility is licensed or not. Remember, it’s always best to check, as it is now a requirement for such facilities to have a licence. Without one, you cannot guarantee the safety of the day care.

Doggy Day Care Cornwall is fully licensed and insured so you can rest assured that when your dog is here they will be under constant supervision by experienced staff in a suitable, homely and safe facility. Find out more about dog day care and home boarding here. Our new membership plan now means the more you use us the less you pay. You can register here to arrange a visit of our facilities.

Please note: We cannot guarantee availability. Once your registration form is received, a member of our team will assess your application to determine whether we are a good fit your dog. We will then contact you to let you know whether we’re able to help, and if we are, we’ll get you booked in for a visit.

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