Dog Walking: the Rise and Rise

Doggy Day Care Cornwall - Dog Boarding St Ives

Dog walking is booming and shows no signs of stopping. With newspapers foaming at the mouth about the earnings of London’s dog walkers, more and more people are looking to jump on this lucrative bandwagon. But what’s good for the dog walkers isn’t necessarily good for the dogs. Professional dog walking requires no formal training […]

Dog Sitting: Everything You Need to Know

Doggy Day Care Cornwall - Dog Sitting Hayle

Dog sitting is popular with people who worry about leaving their dogs home alone. It works the same as babysitting (after all, dogs are our babies). A dog sitter comes to your house and keeps your pet company while you’re away. This will likely only be for a few hours; overnight dog sitting is rare […]

Dog Day Care vs. Dog Kennels: Which is Right for You?

Doggy Day Care Cornwall - Dog Sitting St Erth

Dog day care, dog kennels or dog boarding? How about dog walking or even dog sitting? For the busy dog owner, the options can be baffling. If you’re worried about leaving your dog alone at home, then you’re not the only one. Channel 4’s documentary Dogs: Their Secret Lives shows how stressed and fearful dogs […]

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